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DATE: 01/28/2017APPLICATION DL: 01/21/2017

Welcome to The Orange County Super Championship Adults and Masters

Want to go to Youth OCSC 2017

Where: Santiago Canyon College

8045 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869


Jan. 28 2017


The First Event of The 2017 Super Championship Series.

1 of 7 Regular Season Super Championships


The Deadline to Get Rash Guard is Dec 31st at 11:30 PM


*If You Don’t Want Rash Guard You Can Get $10 off Registration

Until December 25th at 11:30 PM: 89 Dollars with Rash Guard

Until December 31st at 11:30 PM: 99 Dollars with Rash Guard

Price Deadlines for Jan will released after Dec. 25th.


The Ranking Will Start Over for the 2017 Season. Get a Early Jump to Being The Season Champion By Placing First Place At The First Tournament of the Year.


1.Register Above By Clicking Register Now

2. Find Yourself in The Competitors List

3. Look Out for The Schedule to Release Thursday Jan 26th

Rash Guard Deadline:

The Last Day Register and to a Get Rash Guard is Dec. 26th


When is the Last Day to Change Weight?

The Last Day to Change Weight is Sunday Jan. 22nd

Change Weight Form

When Do I Weigh In?

Weigh In With Gi 1 hour or more before your first scheduled match

Do I weigh in with Gi?

Yes, weigh in with Gi.

Is there Weigh Allowance?

We allow for athletes to be with .9 Pounds of Weight. For example, on 141 we accept 141.9lbs.

What are the Brackets Used?

2 Man= Best 2 of 3

3 Man = Round robin

4 Man -16 Man = Double Elimination, Compete for 3rd Place

17 Man and up = We Split into Brackets of 16 or less. Double Elimination Compete for 3rd Place