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September’s Student of the Month

Student of the month

Student of the month

We are now finishing setteling into our new home and have decided to start student recognition once again to praise all of our wonderful FPBJJ students!

Summer seems like a great time to start a new hobby or extra curricular activity and that’s exactly what Fredson Paixao academy student, Jordan did! 8 year old Jordan started training in the kids class towards the end of June and has been awarded 2 stripes on her belt since then by Coach Fredson and Coach Shawn. When asked what her favorite move was she thought long and hard carefully reviewing each technique learned over the last 4 months and finally came to the conclusion that the lethal rear naked choke was the one for her. Now when asked her favorite part of class was she almost had an instant answer, sparring with the other students! Now with that in mind, it all makes sense as to why Coach Fredson chose her for September’s student of the month, he praises how quickly she was able to learn the art and techniques and how great she is at applying everything she has learned during these spars she looks forward to all class!

Congratulations Jordan! We’re glad to have you apart of the BJJ Family!